Women's Health


An image processing unit that integrates all FDR and FCR systems, and contributes to a more efficient workflow
Smart mammography workstation for steamlined workflow and precise diagnosis
High quality images for easier diagnosis. making it possible to observe the internal structure of the breast
Tomo Biopsy option allows for targeting of suspicious areas under tomosynthesis guidance
Digital mammography system that produces high-resolution images with low X-ray dose

MRI and CT System


The 64ch/128slice CT system provides images with excellent visibility - even at low doses
OPEN & COMPACT 16ch/32slice CT. Supria 32 meets healthcare needs – present and future
An open permanent MRI system with a magnetic field strength of 0.4T
High image quality and quiet performance combined with speed

Ultrasound Systems


FUTUS provides high-resolution imaging to support accurate diagnoses and reduced examination time
Compact model equipped with a monitor arm for easy operation by both beginners and expert
The model which supports DeepInsight technology to provide high quality images on its compact and maneuverable body
Supporting efficient and high-quality examinations including general routine checks and follow-ups
The new reality of ultrasound imaging deepening diagnosis
A premium system with superior image quality, designed for a variety of cardiovascular uses

X-ray Diagnostic System


A X-ray system that is easily installed in limited spaces and easy to use
A X-ray system providing multi-function, high-quality, solutions with various configurations
A mobile imaging device for high quality X-ray imaging easily handled in a variety of settings
Mobile X-ray DR System for the improvement of workflow and image quality with various features
3.5 kg lightweight, portable X-ray device for various medical scenes such as patients’ homes
The FDX Visionary RF-PREMIUM was designed to provide maximum flexibility for all types of rooms and for all types of examinations
A mobile fluoroscopy system with a large C-arm depth for maximum accessibility in surgical applications
Single unit powerful mobile fluoroscopy system, with high image resolution in surgical applications

Bone Densitometry


FDX Visionary-DR makes the technology 2D Fan-Beam available and accessible to all bone densitometry
FDX Visionary-A takes the best of the Pencil Beam technology and significantly improves examination time and image quality

Computed Radiography


A compact FCR where the IP is inserted from above
A smallest class all-in-one tabletop CR equipped with mammography image reading as standard
A compactly designed FCR with high resolution and fast processing only Fujifilm can provide

Enterprise Imaging


Fujifilm's software for advanced processing and analysis of the medical imaging

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