Biopsy Positioner - 50μm image solution


The system is designed to support flexible positioning of tube and detector, from -90°to +90°. Ergonomically designed arm rests and disposable soft pads ensure patient comfort and safe positioning.

  • Irradiation field size can be easily adjusted, depending on breast size and procedure needs. Convenient spacers can be used in order to perform needle positioning in extremely thin breasts, too.

  • AEC full automatic function is available for both scout (2D) and Tomosynthesis exposures.

  • Prior images and studies can be viewed during biopsy, to further improve accuracy.

  • Variable image resolution for different needs

Lateral approach

Medium view of the needle positioning which can be performed both vertically and laterally.
Thanks to the adapter, needle positioning can be performed both vertically and laterally. Accessing to the compressed breast in two directions ensures precise targeting of lesions which might be in a difficult position.


Supports a variety of needle

Both CNB/FNB/Hook wire and VAB needles in a carrying case
Both CNB/FNB/Hook wire and VAB needles can be used in a wide range of sizes, for various models and manufacturers.


Tomosynthesis Biopsy

Targeting is supported using both tomosynthesis and stereoscopic images: the choice depends on operator confidence and lesion positioning. Tomosynthesis acquisition can be performed in both ST (Standard) and HR (High Resolution) modes, according to desired accuracy and lesion size.

Using a tomosynthesis image, it makes it possible to target the lesion which cannot be found on 2D image.
Thanks to easier lesion position identification, tomosynthesis targeting results in a more efficient workflow and more simple operation.


Stereo imaging


Overlapping breast structures make lesions less visible

Difficult to identify a particular region



Reconstructed images show overlapping structures separately

Easier to locate a target than with the conventional method


Both Tomosynthesis and stereotactic support for needle positioning

The highest image quality and workflow efficiency for interventional proceduresa


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