Portable X-ray Unit FDR Xair  
Can be used in various medical treatment settings
3.5 kg lightweight, portable X-ray device for various medical scenes such as patients’ homes.

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For uses in clinics and isolation wards


A place without a power source like natural disaster sites

where power failures are caused due to earthquakes


Out-of-hospital settings, like patients'home visit and nursing care



The hand switch fits neatly into the body when not in use

The hand switch can be attached to the side of the main unit. This makes carrying easier and reduces the risk of dropping the hand switch behind.

Lightweight and easy to mount on its support stand

The FDR Xair’s lightness and high usability make mounting it on its support stand quick and simple.

Excellent portability, enabling use in patients’ homes

FDR Xair weighs about 3.5 kg. Its portable design means that it can easily be carried into patients’ homes and other places where space is limited, ensuring quicker imaging.




A button layout that groups the necessary functions together


User-friendly button layout
Buttons are located on both sides, letting you operate the equipment with one finger while holding it.


Can take images in places where there is no electricity


The built-in lithium polymer battery is lighter than ever. Can shoot up to 100 images* on a full charge, in environments where there is no electricity.

* The number of shots depends on the exposure conditions.

Highly durable LED light source

LEDs are used for the irradiation field illumination lamp and the display. LEDs are long lasting and make the control screen easy to read.

Easy-maintenance design

The flat-surface design with few dents or edges makes cleaning and other maintenance easy to do.

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