FDR Smart f
A X-ray system that is easily installed in limited spaces and easy to use.

  • Floor Mounted Tube Stand — lightweight and ergonomically designed.
  • Table — Spectacular load bearing.
  • Upright Stand — Variety of Examinations + Manual Tilting Wall Stand is also available (option)
  • High frequency generator and X-ray tube — 3 types of generators (Capacitor, UPS, Line) can be selected to match your necessity. No power supply modicifaion is necessary for Capacitor and UPS type generator.
  • DR system for general radiography — High image quality is maintained combining with Fujifilm's “Image IntelligenceTM” technology

Floor Mounted Tube Stand


The ergonomically designed floor mounted tube stand provides the technologist with lighter and smoother movement for faster, more efficient workflow.


Table — Spectacular load bearing

Able to choose between 4-way floating table top(2,200 long × 750 mm wide) and 6-way elevating table (2,200 long × 810 mm wide). Both tables are able to bear 300 kg which makes it extremely flexile for patients of all shapes and sizes.

Manual Tilting Wall Stand is also available


Wider range of vertical travel (420 mm - 2,060 mm from floor to Bucky center) allows exposures to be carried out from the cervical spine to the lower extremities.


Upright Tilting X-ray Stand

The stand can be manually tilted, allowing for greater flexibility, and reducing the strain placed on wheelchair users when taking X-rays.

Automatic Connection

The SE cable + connector are already built in the tray, thus, just setting the DR panels into the tray, DR panels are automatically connected. Also, there is no need to handle the cables around the bucky.
Combined with rotation function, this will greatly improve efficiency and remove the stress of the workflow.


Removable Grid

Grids can easily be switched to suit the imaging requirements.

Dual Reference Rotation
Not only top reference, but also center rotation can be selected when using 14" x 17"DR panels. This provides flexible solutions, enabling exposure of areas other than the chest without taking out the panel and insert again in rotated direction or using larger panel.


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